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A Conservation Cooperators Network connecting landowners with hunters and private land access seekers for the purpose of stewarding and enjoying
healthier lands together.

 What is Sharing the Land?

Sixty percent of all land in the United States is privately owned, and in certain regions, up to 95% of wildlife habitat, hunting grounds, and foraging areas are privately held.


Consequently, private landowners play a pivotal role in the success of various conservation efforts. Thoughtful and active private land stewards develop comprehensive management plans for their properties, requiring substantial time, financial investment, and labor.


A common sentiment among landowners is the acknowledgment that managing land is a demanding task.

We Believe in
Sharing the Land acknowledges the inherent value of access to private land. The rising costs of owning rural land, shifts in land ownership, a growing population, leasing of hunting rights, and increased interest in outdoor activities have made it increasingly challenging for non-landowners to secure permission for hunting, foraging, or recreation on private lands. While some landowners may be hesitant to open their properties to just anyone, many are open to sharing their land with individuals who demonstrate respect for the environment and a willingness to contribute to conservation efforts.



Are you interested in:

Controlling invasive species,

improving timber value, establishing management plans, or

trading labor for access?


Sharing The Land can help connect you with conservation minded people whose helping hands can make it easier to reach your short and long term land management goals. Fill out the Land Profile Builder to get started.



Are you passionate about:


Hunting, fishing, foraging, mentorship Building, expanding your conservation resume, or hands-on skill training?

If so, Sharing the Land offers a unique platform to connect with landowners, engage in meaningful experiences, and cultivate your interests in these diverse activities.


At the core of our organization lie the foundational pillars that shape our mission and guide our endeavors.


Conservation Ethic





Our Partners in Conservation

Our partners make this service possible for you at no cost, so we kindly encourage you to consider their products when making gear purchases!

Interested in booking Sharing the Land and Doug Duren for an event? Contact us, and let's begin a conversation about conservation.
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