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Landowners, are you eager to take a more hands-on approach to managing your land?

Do you seek assistance in implementing effective land management practices and other projects on your property?

Are you open to a mutually beneficial arrangement where you trade land access for valuable help?

At Sharing the Land, we specialize in connecting you with conservation-minded individuals whose expertise and helping hands can significantly contribute to achieving your short and long-term land management goals. Let us facilitate a partnership that makes land management more accessible and collaborative.

Sharing the Land offers comprehensive assistance, including:

  • Assessing property needs and opportunities

  • Constructing a Cooperating Land Profile

  • Connecting with the Conservation Cooperator Network

  • Trading access for labor

  • Access and liability agreements

  • Understanding appropriate insurance needs

We facilitate the pairing of landowners with a diverse group of access seekers, each equipped with different skills and interests and willing to exchange work for access.Take the first step by completing our Landowner Profile Builder to initiate the process.

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