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At the core of our organization lie the foundational pillars that shape our mission and guide our endeavors.

CONSERVATION ETHIC: This pillar emphasizes our commitment to the development of a land ethic. We strive to convey the importance of sustainable practices, underscoring the significance of preserving ecosystems and biodiversity for future generations. This framework encourages individuals and communities to see themselves as stewards of the land, recognizing their pivotal role in maintaining a harmonious balance between human activities and the health of the natural world.

COMMUNITY: As we diligently work to construct an enduring support system, the strength of our collective efforts relies on the bonds we forge within our community.

DIVERSITY: This pillar acknowledges and celebrates the mix of cultures and their unique relationships with the land. We recognize the significance of embracing and respecting these differences.

ADVOCACY: Embodied in our proactive stance toward permanent change, we take decisive action to champion causes aligned with our mission, contributing to a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with and for the land.

Together, these pillars form a solid foundation upon which our organization stands, propelling us forward in our pursuit of a connected, conservation-minded, and inclusive future.

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