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The Duren Farm Model

Five Generations of Adaptability

If you ask Doug Duren about where Sharing The Land came from, it was born out of a need to prevent wear and tear on his soul. Attempts to restore historic oak stands had been faltering due to local deer herd sizes, given their browsing preference for oak saplings. This project, combined with local CWD prevalence (also population related), lead him to the conclusion that reductions were needed. After taking eight deer himself in a season, he felt more like an exterminator than a hunter.


A continual reader of Aldo Leopold, Doug was familiar with the Riley Game Cooperative, and its proximity to the farm along with its understudied historical nature, meant it was a quick leap to begin implementing similar processes for the benefit of the property. 

By inviting hunters who had contributed to conservation practices, he not only improved the property, but engaged people about carrying that work forward elsewhere, while reaching harvest goals and sharing the value of that hunting experience.

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